A message from our volunteer coordinators

During Marching Band Season, there are many opportunities to volunteer. Each week an email will be sent out via Charms with a link to SignUp.com and a description of what the needs are. Below are descriptions of the different jobs.  If you have any questions, please contact is for clarification at  [email protected]

Chaperone/Uniform Parent
We typically need approx. 8 parents/adults to help with this job. Parents/Adults that sign up for this position are volunteering to come early to help get uniforms & hat boxes out, fill coolers with waters and ice, mark space in stands for band to sit, & assist in any needs that the uniform parents ask. You are also expected to sit with the band during the football game or, in some cases, stay with the band during competitions. Several chaperones will be asked to go down with the band before they perform to attach plumes to the shakos (hats). They will also have to help remove the plumes and replace in the plume boxes when the show has been completed. You will also be needed at the end of games/competitions to help check the uniforms back in, making sure everything is hung up correctly and put in the correct place. You will receive a volunteer tag for admittance into games & competitions.
Pit Crew

This group of parents/adults do a great deal of manual labor for our band. The number of volunteers for this team will vary depending on amount of equipment and props needed. You will also need to arrive early in order to have things ready for the beginning of the game/competition. (Arrival times will vary depending on Home vs. Away games). This team assists the students in getting all pit equipment (Pit is the group of students that play on the sideline) to, on and off the field. If there are any props being used in the show, you will also help get these to and place and remove these items from the field before and at the completion of the show. For away games and competitions, you will help students load/unload all pit equipment, props, color guard equipment and large instruments on the trailer for transport. You will receive a volunteer tag for admittance into games & competitions.
**It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by previous pit crew leaders/members, that you participate in this crew for at least 2 games before participating on the crew at a competition. The reason for this is because competition set ups are often timed and things need to be placed quickly and accurately so that the crew can be off of the field before the band enters.**

Donut Sales

We usually need 2 people for this job. We sell Krispy Kreme donuts at all home games. Your responsibility is to get the booth set up. The booth consists of a table, a couple of chairs and the pop-up tent along with the donut sales sign. (Many times some of the pit crew helpers will help with set up). You are asked to man the booth and sell boxes of donuts during the game. At the end, you return money to our treasurers, be sure all supplies are put away and that’s it. You also receive a volunteer tag for admittance to the home games.

Pizza Help

We usually ask for 4 volunteers to help with this. On nights that we provide pizza for our students before games, we need help receiving and serving the pizza. You will need to be available to arrive fairly early to help with this job, as the students must eat before they get dressed. The pizzas will be ordered in advance by Mrs. McConchie, and someone will need to meet the delivery person, possibly with the band credit card to receive the pizzas. There is a box in the band uniform closet that contains paper products, etc. exclusively for the pizza nights. If you find the box is running low, you would need to notify someone (director, board member, etc) so that they can be replenished before the next need. You will NOT receive a volunteer tag for this job, unless you are also signed up for one of the above volunteer opportunities.